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Platform: Android
Genre: Action
Mode: Offline

About The Game

In the world of Android games, there are also original novelties that are not at all like most games. One of these is Wild Blood. This is a real knight action movie developed by Gameloft. The prehistory of the game suggests that we will have to play for the brave knight Lancelot. King Arthur is jealous of his wife - Queen Guinevere for Lancelot and goes mad with jealousy. Arthur's sister Morgan Le Fay also added fuel to the fire. She opened the Gates of Hell and released all the most terrible monsters into the world. Now Queen Guinevere is locked in a dungeon on the magical island of Avalon, and Lancelot needs to save her.

Lancelot will have to fight against King Arthur, the witchcraft of the evil sorceress Morgana and even demons from hell. All this must be done while saving Queen Guinevere. The battles will be hot and bloody!

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